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Offshore Cable Equipment has years of experience and a proven track record in developing and building offshore renewable, and oil and gas-related equipment. Our factory has delivered machines to all major contractors and cable manufacturers worldwide. We offer professional advice in selecting the right equipment for your project at any facility. Also, we can assist in setting up a complete lay and or repair spread on any barge or vessel. Find below an overview of our latest projects.

Al Faris and Offshore Cable Equipment Collaborate

OCEQUIP is pleased to announce that it has signed an MOU with Al Faris Equipment Rentals L.L.C. Dubai, to jointly access and promote its services the emerging power cable market in the Middle East. Its core service offering is the rental of offshore specialist equipment to the renewables and the interconnect sectors, with the primary focus being on the supply of Demountable onshore and offshore turntables for the installation and storage of submarine and terrestrial cable.

Al Faris has a very long and distinguished track record of operating in the Middle East and Africa as well as a recognizable point of presence in Saudi Arabia.

Offshore equipment project

 OCEQUIP built 300t Turntable 

In Q1 2019, OCEQUIP finalized and delivered a new building liftable turntable’


Turntable offshore equipment

1 x 2000t Turntable 

In Q4 of 2018, OCE provided a 2000t Turntable, with the possibility to extend the payload up to 3500t at the client’s factory. OCEQUIP transported the Turntable in trucks to clients’ factory where the system was built upon location.

1x 2000t Turntable Italy 

In the same quarter, OCEQUIP dismantled their other demountable 2000t Turntable at the yard and has been delivered by truck to Italy for long term use at clients’ factory.

Turntable offshore equipment


OCE builds and delivers 1700t Static Tank System

In Q4 of 2018 and Q1 of 2019, OCE has built and delivered a 1700t Static Tank System including all required loading equipment for use at clients’ factory.

Static tank offshore equipment

2 x 2000t Turntable, a storage solution

In Q1 and Q2 of 2018, Offshore Cable
Equipment successfully completed a cable storage
solution with their two 2000t turntables. With
partners, OCEQUIP provided a complete harbor set-up
at their yard in Amsterdam. The scope of work
consisted of a cable transfer from the barge into
the onshore turntables for 6 months storage.